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Accelerate, enhance & streamline your complaints resolution with Generative AI

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Accelerate, enhance & streamline your complaints management with Generative AI.
Generative AI has the potential to transform work for customer complaint professionals by acting as a co-pilot and driving more productivity, improving customer experience, and reducing conduct risk.
Reduce human errors with a standardized approach for complaint response.
Helping to learn from similar complaints, supporting a data-driven decision making.
Enable faster and more efficient complaint resolution by automating complaint analysis.
A Complaints Co-pilot acts like a virtual assistant for customer complaint resolution professionals, anticipating needs and providing insights for faster and fair complaint resolution, essentially offloading many of a complaint resolution professional's repetitive and tedious daily tasks.

Built on Enterprise LLM supporting security & explainability for regulated industries.

API based integration
Integrate with existing
complaint management and customer 
communication data
No integration 
Works out of the box, supports hundreds of prompts to support 
faster complaint resolution
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